A room with ample desk space.

Custom-made apartment furniture for every room size.
Space-saving furniture for multipurpose rooms.

Furniture in this apartment:


Lacquer: terra

Dimensions: 36cm hight, 120cm width, 200cm length

Shelf above bed in wild oak coffee

Wall hooks in black

Wardrobe MIRIA

Design in lacquer colour terra, optional handles (Luna 80cm in black)

120cm width, 60cm depth, 252cm (7R) hight

Bedside table in lacquer colour terra with cover in wild oak coffee

Incl. 2 drawers 3R (108cm), 50 width, 45 depth

Shelf in wild oak coffee

60cm width, 216cm hight (6R)

Rolling cabinet in lacquer colour terra

with handles Luna short in black


Table top in oak sahara

cabinet underneath in lacquer colour terra

110×140, 45T with 10mm top cover

Shelf in wild oak coffee

200B, 24,7T, 2,6H

Shelf above bed in wild oak coffee

160B, 24,7T, 2,6H

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